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My Uncle Killed a Guy

Storyline My Uncle Killed a Guy

Eder (Lázaro Ramos) is arrested after confessing the murder of a man. Duca (Darlan Cunha), a 15 years old boy who is Eder's nephew, wants to prove the innocence of his uncle, he's sure that his uncle confessed the crime to protect his girlfriend, Soraya (Deborah Secco), ex-wife of the deceased. Duca also wants to win the heart of Isa (Sophia Reis), a classmate who seems more interested in his best friend, Kid (Renan Gioelli). To be able to prove his theory, Duca gets help from Isa and Kid.

My Uncle Killed a Guy

Movie details My Uncle Killed a Guy

Release : 2004-12-12

Genre : Adventure, Comedy

Runtime : 87

Company : 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

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