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The Cynic, the Rat & the Fist

Storyline The Cynic, the Rat & the Fist

This is probably the best example of a 70's Italian crime movie, though not the "best" movie of the genre (does that make sense?). It has, besides Saxon, an entirely Italian cast but most of them are pretty recognizable regulars in very amusing roles. Maurizio Merli is best as the role he was born to play, that of yet another ticked off Police commissioner. His very charismatic, yet level-headed performance is the one thing that keeps this movie moving along so well, and it is notable that of Lenzi's crime movies, this is probably the one that entrusts Merli with the most screentime.

Movie details The Cynic, the Rat & the Fist

Release : 1977-02-03

Genre : Action, Crime, Thriller

Runtime : 100

Company : Dania Film, Medusa Produzione

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